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Why does my chimney need a cap?

Your chimney needs a cap for the following reasons:

1        To retard or arrest sparks that could be potentially hazardous

2        To keep out the elements (rain, snow, ice-even the sun!), which are already working hard to erode away at your chimney on the outside

3        To keep out unwanted visitors, ranging from plant debris to nesting live animals and their young!

What is creosote and why should I care about it?

Creosote is the fuel for chimney fires.  It can form inside your chimney as unburned carbon based by-products of combustion condense on the inside of your chimney.  This can occur because of:

1        improper flue size (too large OR too small)

2        use of unseasoned or wet wood

3        cooler than normal flue temperatures

4        heavy usage

5        continued usage of a dirty chimney

Why do I need my chimney cleaned and inspected?

Annual CLEANING and INSPECTIONS are important to homeowners for two reasons: SAFETY and SAVINGS.  The safety issue encompasses reducing your chances for a dangerous (and often costly) chimney fire.  Chimney's can also collapse in older homes if not properly maintained.  You save money IF you can address these or other chimney maintenance problems BEFORE they reach an intolerable level of risk.  Your chimney should be inspected annually even if it has not been in use!

Why does my fireplace emit odors even when it's not in use?

This is often related to either creosote (the cause of chimney fires) build-up, or of unwanted moisture (resulting from leakage or lack of a chimney cap) collecting in the area above the damper door called the smoke shelf. Creosote can also accumulate in the smoke chamber, from there into the flue, sometimes even onto the chimney cap!

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